STEM Resources


Global Black Inventor Research Project, Inc

For an extensive and exhaustive resource on Black inventors throughout the world and throughout time see Keith Holmes' book Black Inventors: Crafting Over 200 Years of Success.  This comprehensive work identifies black inventors from five continents, oveseventy countries, including almost all fifty states in the United States. Citing a number of black inventors from 1769 – 2007. This resource would be appropriate for older students and adults.


 Blue Studios offers live streaming classes and on-demand STEM videos covering a gamut of topics including biology, physics, coding, video and audio production, engineering, and more!  Blue Studios has something for kids of all ages. Check them out at


STEAM Urban 

Fosters youth growth and development by providing access to high quality STEM and arts programing. STEAM Urban offers online educational programs as well as providing access to their engaging content via their YouTube channel.
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Want to get your kids excited about STEM? Look no further than Club Lab Rascals. Ms. Tee will have your kids excited, engaged, and learning of course. Lab Rascals creates an approachable, affordable, and accessible space for all children to get excited about learning STEM.