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Black Inventors Science Workbook is written by an educator who truly cares for children and is constantly looking for ways to stretch their imaginations while providing rigorous instruction. This book exemplifies what Njeri Olatunji puts forth in his classroom every day. This is an invaluable resource for scholars across multiple grade levels and disciplines as scholars growing up in today's world must be fully aware of the world of STEM and the contributions of African American inventors. 

Dr. Khalek Kirkland, Principal - Bronx, NY

This workbook presents a breath of fresh air in educating 4th graders on the inventions that were made by Black people. The illustrations, biographies and exit tickets make the lessons very interesting. The workbook is engaging and detailed with objectives and vocabulary. It highlights many forms of energy and can help prepare scholars for state testing. The amazing part of the curriculum is that it sheds light to Black inventors that may not be popular, but have made a great impact in the world, The content is 4th grade appropriate and can be used as classroom lessons. I would recommend this workbook to all educators.

Gary Kirkwood Jr, M.Ed, Elementary Science Teacher - Bronx, NY

Brilliant, functional, informative!!! A great science workbook for all ages. 

Michael Sherman, Elementary Teacher - Harlem, NY

I was able to use this curriculum during remote learning and was extremely impressed by how engaged my students were learning about Black scientists and innovation across the globe.  The workbook followed the NGSS standards beautifully and made virtual learning a breeze.

M. Wafford, Montessori Educator

This text is a God-send! Njeri Olatunji has filled a major gap in the world of education with this innovative and beautifully illustrated guide to the world of science and innovation. It's what we've been waiting for and what our youth of various learning styles need! Please tell me there are more coming... soon!

Jeff Menzise, Ph.D. Community Educator & Associate Professor Morgan State University